Friday, March 5, 2010

Kabuki Creations 60L sale 6&7 Mar

Kabuki Creations is offering another wonderful animated pose in the sale for you this weekend. It's called "Written in my Heart" and is a very sweet kissing pose. Your lover lays back, relaxing with their hands behind their head. You see them and can not resist moving over to them, straddling their waist, and lowering yourself down to play your fingers over their chest as you kiss their lips lovingly. Of course this makes them start wiggling their feet with desire as they return your sweet kisses.

In fact, this is exactly what I caught Than doing on our wonderful vacation to Cozumel Mexico a few weeks ago. And I just had to set the camera up in the sand on the timer to get an amazing shot of me kissing him on the beach. He had no clue about the camera of course, all he saw was me dropping my cover up and moving over him, his eyes twinkling as he realized what I had in mind. Unfortunately I can not show you the other pictures that this kiss led to, but I'm sure you get the idea. *winks* Isn't that an amazing sun set? And I would have missed it because I was too busy kissing Than. *giggles* Thank you Naku for another wonderful pose.

Rush on over to Kabuki Creations this weekend and pick up this great pose for just 60L. And don't forget to check out all of his other great couples poses while you are there.

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