Saturday, March 20, 2010

D&V Creations 20/21 Mar 60L Sale

Updated slurl, the LM on the 60L list is incorrect, please use this link. D&V Creations brings you the Diva Kitchen collection. This is definitely one kitchen that would make any woman proud to cook and serve her guests in. From the sumptuous antique wood cabinets to the high shine, black granite counter top, and black granite island with stainless steel work space, the stainless steel appliances and raised counter space over the island that folds out for eating, the recessed lighting above the sink and the track lighting you can put anywhere, this kitchen makes you feel decadent just being in it. Both lighting systems turn on and off, it has running water, you can wash your hands or do the dishes, and at the island you can kneed dough, chop food, or just lean against it and watch your friends cook for you. It comes with four stools that match the amazing wood in the cabinets, and each stool has a menu with four sitting/eating animations.

Veronica always has wonderful little details in her builds and awesome craftsmanship. I just can't get over the wood texture in this kitchen, she made it herself too. And I really like how she added the reflectiveness in the stainless steel like you would have in real life. I don't think you should pass this kitchen up at any price, but especially not for only 60L! Go set this up and then throw an informal dinner party. You will be the talk of the night for having such a wonderful kitchen to make your delicious creations in. See you at D&V Creations!

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