Friday, March 5, 2010

Ear Candy 60L sale 6&7 Mar

I just love all the wonderful jewelry and accessories Maeve from Ear Candy makes. She really goes out of her way to make lovely pieces and to try to think of everything to compliment your outfits. This week for 60L you get a pair of earrings, two bracelet sets, a choker, and a belt, and even an extra beaded bracelet thrown in for good measure. The whole set is a very pretty mix of red, black, and silver. You get multiple bracelets that are thin and stacked to wrap around your wrist in a fun style. And the same with the necklace, but it also has a great silver, square with a round cut-out center pendant and an oval encased stone attached.

The earrings match the pendant on the necklace and I just love the red stone with the black stripes she used for this set. Of course we can not forget about the cute, fun, little belt she made to match. It's black leather with the stones attached to the face, connected together with silver links. The extra bracelet, not shown, has large black beads and small red and black beads that match the stones used in the set. The beads have silver ends and are threaded onto a silver bangle...matching the rest of the set while giving it a different feel and style.

You just can't go wrong with this jewelry and belt set, so be sure to take your taxi to Ear Candy this weekend.

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