Friday, March 26, 2010

Ela Designs 60L sale 27/28 March

Ela Designs has two more great items for you in the 60L sale, as usual. *smiles* First up we have the really cool silver face piercing. It's not your typical lip/chain piercing. You have three loop piercings that go into your bottom lip very close together, with a pretty little heart dangling from a short chain down towards your chin, and another chain running from the piercings over to your right ear. It's connected together with loops and little tear drop shaped beads, and runs up to connect to the skin at the front of your ear. It looks great up close, and also from a distance. It's noticeable and will have people perving you to see how great it looks. *grins*

Next Elara is offering her black spiral bracelets, not just one, but two for the price of one. You get black leather, flat buckled straps with silver buckles and silver spiraled chain links attached for adornments. Also black leather, round straps with silver beads holding some together. And even silver spiral bracelets mixed in. The one for your right wrist has 11 mixed bracelets and the one for your left wrist has 4. Both for just 60L, what a great deal.

So come on, show your elegant tough girl side and pick up these great accessories at Ela Designs. Ohh, these will be the perfect completion to my black leather biker outfit. I better remember to have my mace handy, I'm going to be irresistible!

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