Monday, March 22, 2010

A Charming Island Wander, Bare Knees and All

Ah...all this unseasonably warm weather we've been having here in my HQ of RL sparks all kinds of wanderlust. So I thought I'd take some freebie finds over to the charming sim of Nantucket, one of my fave RL destinations, to wander their art galleries in Freebie Fashionista style!

And dare I say, the season's almost here when those of us in my part of the world can cast aside our trousers and long skirts in favor of cool spring & summer ensembles - so today, I'm somewhat stubbornly featuring nothing below the knee!

It's a mixed bag today, a little something for everyone. Let's start off with some window shopping in the beautiful JE*REPUBLIC-Dorothy Lace Dress, which is one of the prizes in their lucky boards. At last check they have several dresses in similar style on their boards, so if you don't end up with this exact one you could walk away with something equally lovely!

The skin makes a bold statement courtesy of TIK TOK - specifically Rene-spring -BT-Group gift. You can find it in the Tik Tok group's past notices, which saves you the trouble of trying to TP in these dark days of TP fail madness. Finally, the short n' sassy hair comes from the deeply discounted goodies room at ETD. It's Luth - Black Bronzed hue. If you haven't visited ETD's basement discount area you are totally missing out; you could leave there with a cache of hairs, shoes & clothes for a few Linden!

Then it's off to visit a nearby art gallery in a piece of candy's March 21 group gift "Wilma", which was sent to the Subscribo members yesterday. If you missed it, hop on over to the shop, slap the Subscribo, and check History for messages - as of right now it's still message #1. While you're hopping around, check out *The Cat* for their Skin Gift March 2010, which also comes with the most adorable floral eyes. The vibrant coloring on the skin just goes so perfectly with the ever-so-alive print on this festive little dress.

Thanks to our Xanthe for giving us the head's up (no pun intended!) about this adorable red hair, which I was fortunate enough to win on the lucky board at the KDC hair mall. It's by ZEUS, called simply Y-31LB 1. You'll find the board upstairs, and a couple other boards scattered around the place as well.

Since I've been quite favored by fortune so far, here's another lucky prize item, this one from Cupcakes - *CUPCAKES - Striped Mini Dress - Yellow. It fairly well sings the sweet song of changing seasons to me, and makes me want to hop on a boat from this bridge and sail into who knows where! And because they are too cute not to be profiled (and will likely be profiled again, and again...), the In Her Shoes latest release [IHS] Circus Lolita black high heels had to make an appearance. As with all the wonderful IHS shoes they are $0L and come in a variety of colors.

The skin is one of many many marvels available for $20L or less at the Glam Affair discount room. There are literally dozens of skins to choose from; it's almost (delightfully) overwhelming. This particular skin is called *Beauty Avatar* ARIEL - Light Skin 03. And last but not least, the superb coif - ((JUNWAVE))KDC GIFT*Julia 3colors* in ASH, also available at the aforementioned KDC mall. Well worth a visit for 3 lovely shades of this versatile updo freebie!

May you enjoy all your own charming wanders through the marvelous landscapes of SL, always a Freebie Fashionista!

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