Friday, March 12, 2010

Shameless Bits 60L Sale - 13/14 Mar

Check out this adorable "Lovers Bridge" from Shameless Bits.
From ShamelessTrouble: Imagine walking along a river, hand in hand with the one you love. Sounds of the rippling water filling the night air. Seeing lights up ahead as a beautiful old wood bridge's lanterns light the way. You walk across the bridge and just have to stop at the top for a kiss.

Now to expand on Shameless's wonderful idea: You stop at the top of the bridge, turning into your lovers arms, wrapping your arms around them, and gazing deeply into their eyes. Just letting your candle lit face show all the love you are feeling as you hear the water lapping and listen to the insects making their interesting music all around you. You tilt your head slightly to the side as you hear the gentle strains of "Eternal Flame" playing in the background. Then you start sliding your hands up your lover's chest and around their neck, playing your fingers in their hair as you stand on tip toe to kiss their lips passionately. Desire takes you both over and you kiss for a long time, finally coming up for air to realize the candles have burned low. You start laughing and race off the bridge like care-free teenagers.

This is an adorable curved wooden bridge with lighter wood using grain staining for realism. Included are 6 old fashioned candle lanterns spread along the bridge, just click once for dim, again for full, and once more to turn off. Flanking the ends of the bridge are pretty flowers and ferns, and a rock at one end that will play "Eternal Flame" in the background when you touch it. The lite sale bridge comes with a menu with two adjustable, very romantic couple kissing poses. If you have a pond or garden, or just want to set a romantic scene, you can't pass this up for 60L. So don't miss Shameless Bits this weekend.

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