Friday, March 5, 2010

Shameless Bits 60L sale 6&7 Mar

Are you gearing up to hit the beach yet? You should be, and Shameless Bits has a great beach shower to help put you in the mood.

From Shameless: The beach, the sun, the ocean water surrounding you and the one you love. A day filled with lots of playing and holding hands and swimming. As the day is wrapping up and you're getting ready for a romantic evening, you two step into a beautiful outdoor beach shower to wash off the day. Of course as your hands roam over them, things start to heat up and you can't help but to kiss the water droplets off their lips!

Ohhh Shameless, that sounds like an awesome way to spend the day. Walking down your back steps around mid-day, spreading a blanket on the sand and starting off with a nice little picnic. Then relaxing in the sun until the food digests and the heat sends you seeking the cool water. Romping in the sand and surf like kids skipping school for the first time. As evening approaches you decide to hit the outdoor shower, smiling softly as you walk up and see the lovely flower blooms in front and the beautiful vines weaving their way across the top. You both step under the warm water, enjoying the feel as it cascades over your bodies, noticing a lot of sand on your sweetie you begin to rub your hands over their sun-warmed body. The feel of their skin under your fingers begins to work on you, then you hear their breathing grow a little heavier also as you kneel in front of them to wash the sand from their stomach and legs. You smiles knowingly to yourself and allow your hands to move over the waist band of their swim suit, then begin slowly inching the suit down their hips...

This beach shower is so cool, I just love it. I don't live on a beach, but I'm going to add it to the garden I'm making..Yay! And it would also be perfect if you have a pool. *grins* You can change the walls of the shower with six great textures to choose from, one being clear in case you want it even more open. (Just click the shower head to turn the water on and off, and click almost anywhere on the object to get the menu.) This awesome lite version has two wonderful animated poses, one for showering and one for kissing..mmmm. The animations with these are really great, you have to see them to understand. *winks* Head on over to Shameless Bits and grab this shower before it's too late.

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