Friday, March 5, 2010

Catalyst 60L sale 6&7 Mar

Okay, who wants to be a sexy, booty-liscious pirate? Then don't miss this Tatiana outfit from Catalyst. It's black and white, and red all over *laughs at her own lame joke* and you can wear it in several ways. You can wear just the full concealed tube top with sleeves, just the black corset that ties in the front, or both together. Or you can wear the full concealed tube top with the buckled corset over it, or even just the buckled corset if you are brave enough to let it all hang out. *winks* But for a real booty-liscious outfit, or should i say boobie-liscious *giggles*, wear the top with one side all mesh, by itself or with the buckled corset over it...can't go wrong there.

This outfit also comes with some sexy t-back panties, thigh high stockings, a matching long kilt with chains in the front and strips of material and mesh hanging from it, and it has a whip on one hip and keys on the other so you can beat the prisoners back as you lock them in their cells. Oh and don't forget the almost knee length black boots that lace all the way up along with the super pirate y hat with feathers poking out the top. You will be the talk of the ship if you stop on board wearing this ensemble. Get your booty over to Catalyst and pick this up for only 60L.

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