Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I've Sprung Right into Spring!

Happy Spring! It is officially spring, after all. And I celebrated with lots of color and, because spring is such a great time for fashion, lots of strong statements!

B! Fashion's Spring Freebie dress is well worth a TP over to their snazzy store, where you'll also find other freebies, MM & several lucky chairs. It's such a cute little dress and the simple floral motif puts me in all kinds of good moods for the season. I've paired it with the color-change Sn@tch Plush Pumps, won on one of their generous lucky chairs which turn over quickly. You'll be seeing a lot of these shoes in today's post...

You'll also be seeing a lot of this admittedly already much-blogged but much-loved nonetheless hair by Hal*Hina - Group Gift (Hair -haru-) in warm black. As the name suggests, you have to join the group to snag it. It is tres adorable!

This beautiful rosy skin is Virtual Diva's montly skin aprilpalee, the April gift in-store. There's something dramatic yet innocent about it, but whatever you call it, you definitely have to consider it luscious.

Changing gears abruptly for some hardcore vampy glam, I'm showcasing the red Midnight Mania prize dress from [studio m], Tabata - Ruby MM Gift. It's got a lot of attitude! The 'tude is going on with the skin as well, which is a dollarbie upstairs at Rotten Toe, !RT...Angie Glam mkup1. And glam it is - creamy pale skin contrasting sharply with over-the-top eye make-up and oh-so-red lips. The black manicure comes painted on the skin, so you don't have to wear an extra glove layer to go goth-ish!

Sticking with the drama for a bit, there's the lucky chair prize from the recently-reopened -=C & D=-, Fancy Dress BLACK. Like all Sintara's creations the textures are great and it moves like a dream. (I'm trying not to let my bias show; I entrusted Sintara with creating my awesome custom wedding gown, so you know she does great work!)

I am officially in love with Imabee's skins. They are so thoughtfully crafted! This blushing beauty is the !Imabee: Pale - Vivian - Vivian Couldn't Sleep with freckles & cleavage, currently a 1,000 members celebration group gift in the shop. I couldn't be more wild about the strong brow and perfect pout. Definitely hop over and grab this one while it lasts, you won't be sorry. While you're at it snag the other group gift skin next to it. It's got fabulous golden tones.

Last but definitely not least, Sock Monkey's latest freebie in both the mainstore and satellite locations is this sweet, sweet spring-inspired dress. It's called ::!SM!::Taste of Blue Spring. The skin in this shot is another from Virtual Diva, this time a Midnight Mania prize. It's Skin Diva 2 Cream, and very win-able!

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catherine said...

Great post Marg ! You are always able to scope out great finds !