Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chasing butterflies


I love butterflies in RL too bad I can't see many of them like in SL so this shoot was lots of fun plus I had the best matching outfit for that.

Angelina Eizenberg from
Indie Rose has released such a beautiful work that I wanted these photos to be 100000% good, background had to be something gorgeous too, and what could be better than Allirium gardens? Better impossible...

So let me tell ya a little more about Indie Rose creations, on the first pic I'm wearing the 7/8 High waisted chinos in red that I find soooo cool, specially the hip ruffled pockets, I adore those pants and what is better is that I can find them in many other colors, like the one I'm wearing on the next pic


I took this pic without any flowers on the lower part so you can admire with me the little buttons on the cuffs, aren't they cute?? I love that detail.

Another amazing item is this Rhinestone Batsleeve blouse, I love the texture over it and the sleeves of course... I like cuz it's tight where it should be and loose on the rest, pretty comfy


This set is something a girl should have on her closet, I HEART FLORAL CLOTHEEEEE, big flowers, tiny flowers, all of them are just too gorgeousssss, if you agree with me this Floral skirt + Frilled Linen blouse set will make your dream come true


Have you noticed the buttons on the front part? They are a cool detail I think.

Nothing's left to say but VISIT
INDIE ROSE!! Touch the SOM for FREE gifts, join the group for 300L and get MONTHLY exclusive gifts or just shop until you die :D

Big thanks to Angelina Eizenberg again and kisses to all!!

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