Thursday, April 28, 2011

Writing Love On Her Arm

in case you missed it, I kinda got a bit heavy the other day. What surprised me was when I was inworld a little while after that post I got a message from the A:S:S subscriber telling me about To Write Love On Her Arm, which Andie mentioned yesterday.

I popped over and poked around in the early hours of the event and was impressed at how much was crammed in a small place without seeming crowded. It's a beautiful, peaceful skybox with some wonderful goodies. I picked up furniture, poses, and clothes, and that was while being fairly fussy and some of the stores not fully set up yet either. I was overjoyed at how many names I recognised and am able to say I know, and I really enjoyed my little shopping trip too.


Pictured above are the shipwreck shorts from A:S:S and the Love Movement T-shirt from [w]under, both took a bit of prim tweaking to sit just right but I'm happy. And in case you're wondering... that's the love on my arm, and thanks to a pose from Embody I know she's Got My Back.

TWLOHA Got Your back

TWLOHA is a nice small unit you can look around quickly, a wide range for most tastes including some exclusive items, and based on my visits and talking to others it's the most lag free event around! Go feel the love.

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