Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Short Beach

Today I said to myself "Flash, ya know what you need to do? You need to get yourself in a blogpost!" It seemed like a great idea, so I hung out in the Red Light Blog and discovered nobody wanted to hire my body. Hmm, I had a hunch this was because I was trying on a shape I'd been given that made me look like a crazed youth. I figured that having ruined my chances of a payday I'd go hang out at Singles Blog, it's a real meat market there but even when I was giving myself away no-one was interested. I started to wonder if the skin I'd been trying on wasn't quite right, I mean, from most angles it did make me look like a leathery old guy, and I am pretty sure my back got flaps.

Now I started to realise that perhaps I'd ruined my chances of being used by someone today, so I would have to find my pleasure in myself. Luckily, thanks to the gents at VICE Poses I found myself quite Yummy in their group gift. Now despite their advertising I decided if I was going to go wandering about the grid I should put some clothes on, and luckily the new Locker Room opened at the weekend so I hoped over and grabbed myself these stylish white shorts from BMC

A Short Beach

Oh, and I changed back to my normal shape and skin too. Apparently the other look really wasn't working for me so I thought I'd get back to normal. Something I should be careful of though, I was so busy enjoying the scent of my armpit I walked right into the sea! But at least I made it into a blogpost today! Even if I do need a longer beach...

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Lyrilen said...

Yuummmmmy!!! I'll get my suit and take the long walk off the short beach with you. Great photo.

(I lie not - the word verification is "sunmagic")