Monday, April 4, 2011

Les Petits Details

Hello darlings!! I wanted to blog about Les Petits Details, because as soon as I saw its new releases I felt inspired. Nevery Lorakeet's designs are very delicate and soft. They are made for you to look feminine and gorgeous.

For example I love this Mrs. Spring dress in blue, with all those little roses and the texture of the skirt with a soft bright on it, looks like silk.

Here I matched the Philosophy top in white with the Velvet goldmine pants in brown (they come with cuffs also). I like little details like the buttons of the pants or how the top is not symmetric at the front part and how the knitted part of the top goes perfectly well with the veil texture part.

And what's also good is that Les Petits Details also offers shoes, on these photos I'm wearing the new edition of Mary Pumps.

All designs come in several colours, so I hope you visit the store and choose what suits you best. AND Don't forget to join the group Nevery ALWAYS sends cool gifts!

Big thank you to Nevery Lorakeet!!.

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