Thursday, April 14, 2011

I am what I am!

Miyoko called me on something in the comments of my last post and, well, she's right. I need to be honest about something. I am...

(Yes, changed to the Lego version since after I watched the official version I embedded it, and only then got told I'm not allowed to watch it in this country - obviously I am, but as it's broken, I'll get nerdier.)

Which is why it may come as no surprise to those who knew of my secret that I have been doing the perfectly apt Hunt For The Nerdz!

Yes! Today I out myself! I am a dork, the jeans I got from [BAIT] even say it on the label. But I don't let it get me down, 'cause the wonderful staff at EVOL make sure that when I check in the mirror I am reminded I am A Dork Able. See, even when I 'fess up my true self I still get plastered in kisses from Love Me Brutal, and they love so brutal they even knock my nerd glasses from sqooq on a tilt! I've taken to carrying a Neek Pencil from ~PiNkMaReS HoUsE~ in my mouth to be safe, although as any good geek will tell you one layer of security just isn't enough, so I also carry a Gamer Geek Safe Sex Wallet from SodaPop on my hip.


Luckily I have also been able to hide out in my new villa from Marret. It came with a tonne of books so I'm set, although those clouds outside are pretty dark and brooding, I think I fried my Repluse eyes reading in the dark as they've gone all putrid and red. Luckily enLightened came to the rescue with a Donkey Kong Floor Lamp, which as you can see I placed it behind the cool design table and computer I picked up at Scatterbrain Customs (who do also give you a motorbike, slight contrast but fun!).


Yep, my hangout is pretty cool. I was hanging there and my "crew" stopped by to check out my new goodies. Bender stopped by from Deadly Poetic, Nerdy Domo came over from Woody End, and Nerdy Bear took a trip from Crazy Cakes Toybox and I have to tell you, it almost got awkward then! You see, Nerd Bear was also visiting! (And between you and me, he had a bit of a Grumble - jerk!)

But luckily it all went smoothly, we kicked it (and my feet rocked in the sneakers from [BedlaM]) and all agreed we don't need dates, not when we can Nerd Up in a Stakey Stylee!

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Margaux said...

Pretty Fly for a White Guy !!! hahah love these post