Friday, April 1, 2011

Vive la Révolution!

Those of you in the group should have received Margaux's notecard about "guidelines" for group behaviour. Well ya know what I say to that? Pfffffft!

See, some of you might have noticed I've been in hyper blogging mode lately, and that's for one simple reason - I'm taking over! Sure, the girls are fun an' everything but I decided this place should become a male only blog. Yep, you heard me...

No Girls Allowed!

I'd like to start "Male Designs Style Watch" with a big raspberry. See, Andie and Teena have been busy with their "Mix & Match hunt" and all the spring dresses and skirts, and a fine job they've done too, but we need testosterone! So I decided to blitz the hunt and grab what manly gifts I could and struck a suitable pose for my new blog domination.

Vive la Révolution!

Yep, I'm king of the castle! Or at least of the rusty old train in the middle of a field...

So chaps, although there aren't many gifts for us in the Mix & Match Hunt, there are a few.

Extra thanks got to OKEY Designs for the Biker Vintage boots group gift I picked up this week (for some reason there is also a female version but that's not relevant to "Male Designs Style Watch"). And also to FACES Studio for the Cesar skin I'm wearing. It's a bit more sunkissed than my usual skin, and has a nice weathered look for today's post. It's an interesting idea because it has a tattoo layer you can modify to change the skin tone (I'm on default though). Full credit to them for getting in early, but I'm still largely Viewer 1 generation (I'm actually quite pro Viewer 2 generation, I just haven't found one I can live with yet (and no, I haven't tried Firestorm preview 2 yet, just preview 1)) so it would be a compromise for me.


I dunno, I like it, but not enough to change (and in fairness the glasses really do nothing for the skin). I think that skin, more than even shape, is something we adjust too, we recognise it as being "us", so it can be tricky to judge the first few times you wear one. Yesterday I kinda hated this skin. Today it's become "not bad actually". On a technical level I think it's very good, although I do think the hair isn't quite as sharp as my usual tattoo hairbase so I'd probably wear the bald skin personally, but it's certainly reminded me I should go and explore the rest of their range. I think it does make me look older, and I think my shape would need tweaking to truly compliment it, but maybe now I'm a revolutionary leader I should grow up a little. Anyone know where I can get a Castro style beard?

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