Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Night Of Win

I am a Warlock Adonis with Tiger Blood coursing through my veins!

Yes, while Andie represents the caring side of this blog I gave up pretending like I'm not special. I'm tired of pretending like I'm not bitchin', a total freakin' rock star from Mars.

I'm sorry, man, but I've got magic. I've got poetry in my fingertips. Most of the time — and this includes naps — I'm an F-18, bro. And I will destroy you in the air. I will deploy my ordinance to the ground. That's how I roll. And if it's too gnarly for people, then buh-bye.

So yeah, I spent my Friday night in my Vegas Skybox (LA FLat - Wild Man Hunt) with a brace of beauties. I'm bi-winning. I win here and I win there. It's a polygamy story...All my guy friends are gonna like throw tomatoes at me.

Pillow Talk


As you can see we were all suitably attired for such an awesome night. I had my Charlie Winning T-shirt (Freebie @ FRUK Tees) and my wonderfully bulgy pink and purple jockstrap (SSS @ The Locker Room - 60L for a fatpack, usually 175L each!), while my goddesses has something lacey to keep me smiling (Blossom Lingerie, a Mix & Match Hunt gift from Voluptia and Sarah in Lilac from Carrie's Lingerie 150L).

A Night Of Win

And that my good trolls, is a night of Win!

Well it was until they both left before I actually landed on the bed. Apparently the paparazzi scared them off...

With extra thanks to Bent! and Embody for the wonderfully apt poses, and of course my two able assistants, Andie and Lyrilen, who are already embarrassed enough at the photos that I won't shame them further by telling you their names.


Lyrilen said...

The rest of what happened in the Vegas Skybox, stays in the Vegas Skybox.

It was great getting to know you better Andie! (winks)

Anonymous said...

Aw yeah Lyrilen!! Same here!! And I won't say a word of what happened there muahaha

Flash said...

Wait, but I wanna know! hmmph!