Monday, April 4, 2011


What better way to celebrate spring than with halter and babydoll dresses! And of course some adorable, or should I say aDORKable, little Peep friends.

My Peeps and I decided to frolic in a field of flowers today to celebrate spring. Of course, I couldn't help but show off a few of my favorite spring dresses.

I'm hanging with my Peeps to show you this first, very cute design by =L'ELITE=. It's a white babydoll style dress with little pink flowers, pink trim, and a cute bow above the left breast. It's so fun and flirty, you won't want to take it off. Only 75$L in this week's LOW Sale.

You have to watch out for some of those Peeps, they can be very mischievous. *gives Tom a little nudge* I can't say I blame him though, this dress is something special to look at. *winks* This purple floral babydoll from Sharkies really puts you in the mood for spring with a light purple material covered in little flowers in shades of purple and a bit of pink. At 50$L for this week's sale, you don't want to pass it up.

If you are wanting a spring look that's not quite so girly, then this Flirtini halter dress from **VEXTRA FASHION** is the dress for you. The purple and tan colors with the dragonfly designs are sweet and sophisticated. Peep especially loved the way it looked draped over the flowers. *giggles* You can pick it up for just 99$L.
Vextra Fashion

I have to give *coughs* "props" to all my Peeps from aDORKable Poses. It's their spring gift with 6 adorable Peeps poses to choose from. Yup, gift meaning FREE. You gotta love that!

Don't forget that this weeks LOW Sale ends on April 7th, so all of these lovely dresses go back to regular price after that. Be sure to visit the blog for more great sale items.

My skin is the free Diamond is Mine hunt gift from AL VULO!
And of course TRUTH hair.

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