Monday, April 11, 2011

Mind The Rat

There's a chance that being Charlie Sheen may be a bit hard work. So I've decided I need to just tone it down a little; I don't want to burn out when I can keep this Blog 'n' Roll lifestyle going for longer. Yep, I'm here to stay so I've decided I need to pick a new role model. And luckily I didn't have to look far when I got a group gift through from Couture Chapeau/Mad About Hats, a Sinatra Trilby! Now here's a possiblity; smooth, popular, likes a fun night out, and with the right lady an even more fun night in. This has shot to being my hat of choice, I'm far too tempted by the half price sale they have on others in the range now.

Suddenly, I had a mission! A mission that got distracted by an advert from Philo for a Love Me jacket. Now obviously it's easy to assume my hedonistic posting is a sign that I have issues, and maybe a hug would be better than an orgy, but I felt the hint was a tad brutal!

(And to be serious for a second this jacket and I have not had a smooth relationship. The ad was for black/onyx and it looked sharp. In store I found they had four in the range and almost got a couple since they are only 150L but "Love Me" is a suitable pleae from this jacket. It's got great detail and I like it, but resizing it to look even halfway decent on me was a nightmare that almost ended in a shattered love story - at one point I looked like a deformed turtle! I think I've cracked it now though and it does look good, but ouch it was not an easy courtship.)

Now when faced with a blue hat and a brown jacket what next? I was looking too smooth, I needed a touch to make me look a little vulnerable (women are smart, they avoid the guy who looks too together) and thanks to Brocade Tiger's Wild Man hunt gift I had some perfect leather patch jeans.

Mind The Rat

Yep, that's me. Smooth with a glint of trouble. Oh, and a pair of Braxterz from Kalnins Footwear which means as I own them they will probably come up at 50% off soon.


Miyoko Magic said...

Flash, there were only 2 girls, how can you be tired?

Flash said...

I'm not tired yet, I'm just musing the idea that I may become tired. I think a Sinatra style approach may be better, he's more a breakfast, lunch, and dinner kinda guy - way healthier than trying to eat a feast once a day.