Friday, April 8, 2011


Hello, as you may know, yesterday there was another quake in Japan, I really pray to God so ppl stop living this tragedy and I know someday it'll be a bad memory, I also know SL community is doing its best to help and I congrat all ppl that make it possible. どうもありがとうDoumo arigatou!

One of the events going on it's Help Japan, amazing designers all donating 100% of the sales of exclusive products. BUT they are not only selling, they are also giving away some freebies to thank ppl for helping. You can also donate any amount on the donation boxes around the place, 1L, 10L or more all is a HUGE HELP!
Pearl lace t-shirt by Pesca FREE (Available on Help Japan)

Spring is pure skirt by
Y&R (Prize of the Unknown Hunt Spring)

FREE A330 Hair by
Tram FREE Group gift

Frills headband in salmon by
Reveri FREE SOM gift
La couleur du coeur shirt by Nudolu FREE (Available on Help Japan)

Basic jeans by
Allusions FREE

Dulcita skin in pale tone with Poison and Rouge makeup by
Let's keep helping, they need us. Thank you! ♥♥♥♥♥

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calliope said...

can you please, please tell me where did you get that awesome black hair with a bow, it would be highly appreciated :)) thank youuuuu