Saturday, March 19, 2011

ALBERO Kawaii Hunt Part I

Hello!!! This Saturday was serious hunting time!! I had to deal with the effect of SL during weekends PLUS the worst sim lag ever!!! But I would do it again and again after unpacking all the awesome and cutessssssssssssttttttt prizes ever. Which hunt am I talking about?

ALBERO Kawaii Hunt

This hunt is quite different from other ones, you have to buy for FREE a HUD and with the help of clues (which are basicaly images of the sim) look for little woodies hidden around. They are 16 and you need them all otherway you won't be able to get any prize so if you want just go and hunt with your bffs so you all do it faster.
This is the starting point and the place where you can buy the HUD and get the first woody

Now about the prizes... muahahaha this is what you're all waiting for, they are so many that I will have to do another post XD
This is from Modest House and I have to say I L.O.V.E it!! the walls have little cute creatures and the lights!!! oh everything is just too perfect!


No Strings Attached brings us this "Dandy" pose, I remember I used to play a lot in RL with this "flowers?" (of course they are not that big in rl lmao, nevermind lol)


In this pic:
Chairs and wall deco by Second Spaces (chairs have 5 poses)
Cristal table by TLND
Tabblecloth by TOSL soo kawaii!
Little panda girls by Naminoke (it also has a hugable doll with the same shape)
The white daisy pot is from *GARDEN*


This living room set with single poses and couple ones is the gift from Cleo Design

And I'll have to cut this post right here, or it will be infinite hahaha, I'll write more tomorrow!! take care!!!

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