Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Better than free?

Earlier I logged into SL excitedly to grab my brand new 22769 group gift! Apparently it's a rather swish looking number for guys and gals as usual. Don't believe me? Cynics!

22769 ~ casual couture GroupGift March 2011

But the reason I just used their advert instead of posing my cute little self and showing off is they have an even better deal lurking towards the back of the store which I am showing off in. "Wait a fine cotton shirt picking minute!" I hear you cry, "what could 22769 possibly have that is better than free?" Well, grab your gift and keep walking. On the left you'll find two outfits at 210L each; one male, one female. Both are simply stunning.

22769 Pacific Crisis Fundraiser - Close up

Now I can see by the look on your face that a) you don't recognise me and b) you're not entirely sure how 210L is a better price than free. Well, a) neither of those are me. That is one half of the 22769 team, Paco Pooley posing with my beautiful assistant (I'm trying to convince her to let me saw her in half but she keeps insisting the flowers up my sleeve aren't enough) Lyrilen. And b) those 210L go towards the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser so you get to feel as good as you look. And just so you don't think I'm too lazy...

Pacific Crisis Fundrasier - Crowd scene

Yep, I was there too, as was the other half of 22769, Manuel Ormidale. Our gracious hosts kept us company for far longer than they could probably spare as we discussed the world, and scared a 0 day old newbie by having the three of us descend upon him in our matching attire. The poor chap, I hope he settles in.

But over the next two (and a bit) weeks maybe you'd be tempted to spend your money at one of the many participating stores. Every little helps, and who knows, maybe you'll get to pose for a photo or two with some store owners if you're lucky. I know I hope I'll meet a few more in my travels.

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