Friday, March 18, 2011

A Diamond Idea

Earlier today one of the esteemed and wonderful group memebers said they were stuck on the Diamond Is Mine Hunt 2. Now It's no secret that I love a good rummage around the underwear drawers of SL shops, so I gave a little wave only to find out the tricky item was at Ali Couture, which I'd skipped because I didn't think the gift was quite me. But Margaux said she was picturing me in the outfit so I went and found the diamond and, well, I was worried it would be the wrong size or me but Margaux was right, this dress does not look bad on me, even if I do say so myself!

A Diamond Idea

Since it's the weekend I thought I'd make a night of it, so I pulled out the beer keg from Capalini Spirits, put up my new hair from Alli&Ali Designs and put on some music to enjoy the free AKEYO dances.

So yeah, Friday Fun with Flash, all thanks to Lynz Queenstown and Margaux!

And in case you wonder, there is a lot of stuff that looks really good, including Maverick Design giving away my usual shape! If only I'd waited a year I could of had that for free the scoundrels! (Edit to add: the shape is the male gift from Sophistishapes and the skin is from Pink Fuel - hey, we chaps got two shapes, we can live without some skins I guess).


Lyrilen said...

My Darling, I have some shoes that you can borrow....

Margaux said...

Love it Love it, I knew it was not all hype!!!