Thursday, March 17, 2011

EVOL-ution of colour

Hello there!! I decided to make this post as bright and colorfull as possible because I felt inspired by Dharma Charisma, owner of EVOL. You're gonna see her designs and inmediately will feel happy and positive :D
For example these "Emma tops" are soooo cool!! My favorite is the Green/purple one but I would use them all!! In fact I WILL!! XD (Find them for 45L each at


This "Posh Emo outfit" (75L) includes bracelets and necklace and it's perfect to rock SL out!! There are other colours available: pink, green & yellow.


And just because EVOL loves its customers and most loyal group members, there's a red/black Emma top as group gift for FREE. You can match it with this pair of "XXX Pants" (If you could see the back of my jeans you would understand why it's called XXX lol!)They are being sold for 75L there too.


Thanks Dharma and happy shopping darlings!!

PS: I went to the store and won on a lucky chair a pack of skins! XD Yay!

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