Sunday, March 20, 2011

Leathery Flashpoint

Since some wimps called Claire had nightmares over my last post I decided to man up a bit. So I decided to go hang out at the Locker Room in the Sky! there I pulled on some Lush Leather thanks to the boys at 22769 (80L) and picked up a free pearl necklace from a mysterious stranger (honestly? It's true, I crashed before I could make a note or take a photo, but come on, I'm wearing leather in a men's locker room, a pearl necklace from a stranger just adds to the story... [and now people really will be asking...])


But yes, be a man! (Or not) And get yourself to the Locker Room. As always there's some great items at great prices. You need more incentive? Here's some of the bigger names you could take a peek at coming out of the shower:

  • SF Designs

  • Hate This - who get serious points for having socks" (no really, this 49L purchase has put a big grin on my face, this is my find of the week)

  • Shiki

  • CS Shapes

  • Mustang Trading Post

  • Hardwear

  • Pounce

  • Ispachi

So what are you waiting for guys and gals? Grab a bar of soap and take your sweaty bodies to the Locker Room - you'll come out looking like a million dollars and it won't cost you anywhere near that.

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