Friday, March 11, 2011

In heaven!

OMG I am so EXCITED right now, I have just done the EUPHORIA 2nd HUNT and I'm still shocked, every single gift is amazing, so beautiful!!! Some are sexies, some are cutes... but all is high quality!!! I had to tie my hands up so I don't blog everything, I bet you'll see more prizes from other bloggers in here :D. Oh god and all is for FREE (Just remember to wear your group tag)

Let me start with the skin and hair I'm wearing in almost all of the following pics: I'm in love with them right now
Cheerno Femme - Dahlia 2
Loq - Mischa hair in Onyx (only color but it's the one I always wear so LOVE IT!!)
Sigma - Woven satin bangles in violet



Top: Miamai - Life top - gorgeous and sexy what else can we ask for?
The Secret Store - Froufrou tofee - I love this store, the clothe is so cute makes me wanna "aw" the whole time


Dress: Magoa - Euphoric dress - Something cool to go to a party maybe?


This last photo is to show you more poses from DARE that has a very complete pack of poses for the hunt. Favorite poses now!!! By the way the top I'm wearing is part of the hunt too but I can't find it now on my inventory (sometimes it hates me). By the way this colorfull top is the gift from CIA Designs it looks cool!.

Well there are A LOT MORE, I'm not posting Dama, [m], glance, house of fox, etc!! So go and HAPPY HUNTING!!!

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