Wednesday, March 9, 2011

F3 Fashionista Outlet

F3 Fashionista Outlet

Freebie Fashionista is proud to announce the opening of our new F3 Fashionista Outlet located in Downtown NYC. Sponsored by Vidal Fashion and the City of Nederpoort.

Bringing you the best in all that is Fab, Fresh and Free. Please stop by and load up on awesome goodies from great designers such as Creative Insanity, Evie's Closet, Lingerie Boutique and Bliss just to name a few. There is even an exclusive gown by Seldom Blue that is only available at this location. Stay tuned for more info about the grand opening and for some post on here that will showcase some of the great goodies available from this wonderful group of generous designers.

The F3 Fashionista Outlet is located in the living virtual city of Downtown NY. While you are there be sure to check out all that the city has to offer. There is Ralph's retro diner, with friendly waitresses, or maybe you will run into one of the cab drivers on duty that can show you the high points of the city. There are hangouts and activities to suit all taste. You never know who you might run into. So come on down and check it out.

I would like to take the time now to thank all those that made this possible. I am so grateful for all the support and interest in making this a success on all fronts.


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