Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mynerva + Muhi + Shag

Skin : Mynerva for Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

100% of the purchase of this skin goes to a great cause ! Isana comes with shape (Mod/copy), brow shape as well as fitted Eyelashes. She comes in three shades (Pale, Mid and Dark) with and whitout blush options. Mynerva will release the Isana line in a month or so, but this particular makeup will never be available for purchase other than at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser. (this is my shape, but I've blogged the shape HERE)

mynerva mushi_001

Dress : Subscribe gift for actual subscribers from Muhi (FREE)

Hair : from Shag  (it is a men's item, but I love it !!) 49L - 3 shades

Pose : to be released soon

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