Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yummy black

From time to time I check Marketplace and there's always something free I haven't grabbed yet LMAO!

Skirt and flats by VIKA for FREE
Socks by Sinners for FREE (buy the bags at the counter, also shirts and other socks)

I wouldn't have posted this look yet if Maya from
MunSpain wouldn't have sent me this really cool new skin called Mixies, so THANK YOU Maya!! (On the first pic I'm chewing gum so here's the complete look of my skin)


MunSpain will soon also release the Donut Chair collection for only 50L, donut looks soooo Yummy (oh! that's the name of the item! duh for me! hahah) and you can sit in many positions... I'm gonna show you just one cuz it was the one I loved plus is super comfy!


And YES I was so comfy I took my clothe off haha


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