Thursday, March 24, 2011

New store on the block!

Hello!!! As Teena posted before, our beloved Catherine Fairport has opened a new pose store called BENT which reminds me of Matchbox 20 song Bent lol! (nvm)

So I put on the first thing I found on my chaotic and moody closet and went to visit the store, I find her poses very original and so cool for pics!! She's known for being talented so we couldn't expect less from her :D

While I was there I came across a vendor that had two boys (showing off their sixpacks) and Catherine (in a cute floral dress) and then found out it was the FREE OPENING GIFT, so I took it and ran back home hahahaha I needed 2 boys now and Flash wans't nearby lmao so I had to attacked another one and make him pose with me... (Seems I'm becoming a pro kidnapper LMAO! Just kidding!!)

Well here's the result, pose is called
My Wings


By the way I'd like to mention I find the name of the poses reaaalllly cool too XD

I suggest you take the limo inmediately!!!

Thank you Catherine for the awesome work!!


catherine said...

How awesome !!! Nicely done Andie.

Big thank you :)

Anonymous said...

<3 yvw Catherine!<3