Sunday, March 20, 2011

ALBERO Kawaii Hunt Part III

OMG There are so many gifts!!! But I just wanted to take this chance to thank to all designers and ppl who did this hunt posible, I really had a great weekend hunting and posting this :D

This kawaii and comfy bed is the gift from Cool Beans, this is my current bed, I love to curl up in there, plus it comes with other animations :D


Still sleepy, wearing my Les Petits Details skin called Pink Flower, special edition for this hunt :D


And of course, clothe gifts are also available thanks to Tiny Bird (left) and Mocha.


Noirilicious prize is this strawberry top that I matched with the Hoot ladybug tattoo eye makeup, I love it!. And to your right is Cat's-Eye Kawaii T-shirt (I'm not wearing the prims btw)


Jewelry is other way to show how cute we are XD. These rings are from Awesome Blossom, sooooooooooooooooooo kawaiikooooooo. The poppy ring is color changeable!! XD


Deco (left) and Caroline's Jewelry have made these cool necklaces:


These items made me laugh lol!! By Ingenue this cupcake head piece and Crazy TV by Tasty! LMAO


There are more items that I'll leave as always as a surprise :D Enjoy the hunt and see you all on the road!.

LMAO! Can you believe I almost forget to post this photo??? Pose pack by Olive Juice, Owl patch by Croire (you can put it everywhere cuz it has a lot of layers), the haramaki with suspenders are from NANUK, the cardigan is from *FIR & MNA* and the lovely flats are from Duh!

ps: WHAT??? You are still layin on your lazy couch and not hunting??? Here's your limo!! Hurry!!!

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