Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gloomy Sales

Yesterday Andie commited a fellony to make a nice menswear post. And it really was good. I saw those sweaters and I got all excited. And then I realised that argyle sweaters are everywhere right now, and as good as those sweaters are I just couldn't quite bring myself to spending my money on even more argyle sweaters.

And I looked at the list of other stores and I was reminded that some wonderful stores are involved in the Jaunty/49L Dudes/whatever next sale. So like the other times I hopped about some stores and I felt... disappointed. One store wasn't there, and another is on the same sim but as I fell 300m on the first one without seeing any sign of life I didn't try that. Another store I couldn't find the sale marker (big pink arrows really should stand out better). One store had a technically impressive item, but it didn't make me want to buy it and I'll rarely refuse something that well made in any style. Another store I visit often I just felt it was well below their usual standard.

And that is the problem I have with the Jaunty sale, I can never get excited about it. It's a week of sim hopping to spend money, and let's be honest, when was the last time you went sim hopping and didn't find something wrong for the first day or two? It's just this rush, and then when I hit the stores I often come away feeling underwhelmed. Now fair enough, I'm not saying designers should push the boat out for a 49L sale, they can sell whatever they want, but I'm buying less, and to be honest I'm even checking fewer stores now.

The problem is I'm burnt out. It's mens fashion after all, we don't get many things happening usually but there seems to be a big rush, and a desire to be top dog, which is just starting to become tiresome. I did Menstuff, and His Fair, and a couple of Locker Rooms (which is probably my personal pick of mens events right now), and I can give money to charity while shopping in Pacific fundraisers and cancer awareness, all of which take time, and I'm male! My idea of shopping is to walk into town, walk in the first shop, and buy the first thing that fits. Simples. All these events and fairs and sales have come on top of each other, and I am running around like mad because I suspect that in a month or so there will be nothing for men again. Until the next burst anyway.

And today, after getting all excited and then disapppointed, I felt dark and broody. So I went back to SF Design (and yes, Swaffette doesn't escape my sighs since I always go to the mainstore at Penryn before remembering the Jaunty item is only at Lotus). I grabbed the free shoes she's giving away in March, the pack of free socks (I only mentioned my lack of socks the other day too), and the free ear rings (not usually my style but it's a theme). Then I wandered over to her Fashion for Life vendor to get a copy of her rather personal suit. Just make a donation equal to (or above - you possibly just got free socks and shoes to go with this) the retail price and it's yours.

Fall to my knees

And if you're as tired as I am, you just might fall to your knees and realise that you picked up some incredible free gifts, and although the suit costs more than anything in Jaunty, the hardest part about buying it was how much to pay. Oh, and maybe what colour to change your tie to.


Maybe mens fashion will get a better schedule and I'll feel more enthusiastic again. But I suspect I'll be living these fits and starts for a while yet. My gratitude to the designers and stores who offer such wonderful items, if I find the buying schedule hectic I can only imagine the issues of creating.

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