Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Product - SL HANDS - Men & Women

Aww, I wanted to get this blogged for you all yesterday, but we had a power surge and my computer died. Now I have a new one and I'm back in business...yay! Since it's short notice, I didn't have time to take personal photos. But I hope just getting this amazing new product out to you makes up for that. *smiles*

Piece of mind is debuting a new product in Second Life, avatar hands! That's right, you don't have to put up with hands that do nothing anymore.
These are only in the LOW Sale for 150$L until midnight Thursday, March 31st. Then they go to their regular price.

Here are a few words from Jewelia, the owner of Piece of Mind, about this new, wonderful product.
"These are a new product in Second Life & we are proud to carry them here at Piece of Mind! There are more gestures available in the shop & they are for both Men & Women!
They come with a HUD for skin adjustment, plain manicures, really pretty nail colors, 2 bangles, and alpha's.
I have solved one of the issues of you losing your foot alpha when you add another type of alpha such as our smile alpha's. The textures are rich and they look real!
In this Isabella avatar kit, I have also added more alpha options so you can choose what works for you."
Photo removed due to storage issue.

I know lots of people that talk with their hands, and now they will look great while you do. *winks* Don't miss this amazing sale offer! Jewelia also has two skins in the sale this week, check them out HERE. And be sure to visit the LOW Sale Blog for more great deals. There are so many nice things, you could go

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