Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ashli Design - Simply Beautiful

I have been amazed with everything I've seen at Ashli Designs since I found the store a few weeks ago. Not only are all the creations beautifully crafted, but Ashli is a very caring and generous person. She has WOWed me again with her new Group Sale design, LOW Sale pick, and Relay For Life donation creation.

One of Ashli's new creations is Koffie. It's a very lovely dress that comes in 4 colors and is made of silk, lace, and flowers. It drapes over your body accentuating all the right curves, using flowers to give you a sweet, as well as sexy, look.
Ashli Koffie Plum
Just look at the detail in the flowers. Just makes you want to sniff them. *smiles* The Plum color I am wearing is on sale for Ashli Designs Group for only 129$L! Be sure to wear your group tag.
Ashli Designs Koffie Plum 2
It also comes in Beige, Red, and Blue at regular price.

Next we have Ashli's LOW Sale pick. It's a sexy black number with silver accents sure to please anyone. The bikini style top comes together in the middle with lace and is connected to the slowing skirt with delicate sheer fabric. The sleeves are long and have flowing attachments for a bit more flare. There is also a long slit on the left side of the skirt to tease and tantalize.
Ashli Gala Black
This wonderful creations is only 149$L in the LOW Sale this week, don't miss it.

Last, but in no way least, Ashli has made a gorgeous creation for Relay For Life to help support the American Cancer Society. Look for Roxee in Purple. It's a multi-layered dress with a wrap tied belt, open front, and ruffled feathered accents down the front and sleeves. This creation will ONLY be sold during RFL, so don't miss your chance to own it!

Be sure to visit Ashli Designs today for these amazing deals and any number of other wonderful creations. Visit the LOW Sale Blog for more great weekly deals.


Anonymous said...

is it a LOW SALE or is it a LOW SALE... or is it a LOW SALE

Kayla Bombastic said...
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Kayla Bombastic said...

Technically it's a LOW Sale, Ashli Designs Group Sale, and Relay For Life sale.

Anonymous said...

not very clear, LOW sale being stated over 47 times, i am wondering if it is a LOW sale or is it a LOW sale ROFL hai blogger bombastic can you not read miss fairport's posts and learn from her that IS blogging.

Kayla Bombastic said...

Miss Scared Anonymous, can you not count? It's quite obvious you have a problem with me personally, so why not admit who you are instead of attacking me anonymously? I know how to blog better than a hater like you could ever hope to imagine. I don't take advice from people too scared to admit who they are when they voice an opinion. If I wanted to just give photos and SLURLs to the places I got the items, then that is what I would do. I prefer to give more information and show that I appreciate the craftsmanship in the items I blog. Many people appreciate my style. If you do not have something constructive to add, then just refrain. If you'd care to admit who you are, then by all means, find me in SL so we can chat. My name is clearly stated so you can find me easily. Have a great day.
Kayla Bombastic