Monday, March 21, 2011


It's Monday; a time of misery and sadness. A case of the Mondays? Maybe a little, but then I'm reminded my home is still standing and that my world is pretty good really. I'm lucky, I'm just dealing with minor niggles in the grand scheme of things. Perspective is a handy thing at times, SL is full of stress and drama and (whilst I can't pretend things never get on top of me) it's usually over pretty trivial things.

Talking of perspective, last night I dropped by to see Miyoko Magic. She was building a new level on the HelaMiyo store, complete with boingy rubber ducks that she let me ride (simple pleasures for a simple man). She also very kindly stopped building so that I could use her in this photo that shows off her lovely new set of poses, Symmetry.


She said they looked great in gowns so I grabbed my Obi from 22769 and looked all flowing as I vogued about her shop. But Miyoko wanted to show off some of her recent shopping with Sakura Skin from -Glam Affair-, a hooded knit cardigan from INDI Designs, and some posh booties for [Gos]. Plus she also got to show off her own Akiko shape.

Why no links? Because I am about to make your shopping day insanely easy that's why! You don't want to hop from sim to sim looking for these wonderful items, trust me, not when you can hop over to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser and get them all in one, convient location. It's easy enough to cure the Mondays I tell ya!

I think these may not be at the fair so you can go straight to Magicka for the red hair and Garage for some pretty capri jeans too. All raising money for charity.

HelaMiyo actually has the Symmetry poses and Akiko shape, plus another two sets of poses from the past on offer. I'm sure the other stores have more included too, but as they didn't pose in a photo with me I'm sulking! Or I may just be running out of time since it's Monday.

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