Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Casual 'Round the Conservatory

Today's a day for casually kicking 'round the conservatory, enjoying the warmth and the flowers, and creating a scene or two to showcase my latest Freebie Fashionista finds!

Cupcakes has been incredibly generous with the gifts, prizes, and discounts of late, and for that I - a total Cupcakes junkie - am eternally grateful! Take these, for example; skin and outfit procured in a single gift bag from a lucky chair! The skin is *CUPCAKES - Seduction - Alabaster - Gift 12 and the trousers & top combo is *CUPCAKES - Sweater Tank Top - Gift 12 (it does come with pants, despite the name). If you stalk the chairs at Cupcakes and browse through one of their magical sales, you will be amazed the amount of swag you'll take home and how few $L you've spent for it all!

The cute hair is part of the Juicy Mirabella sim rooftop sale from Simply Britnee. It's called *Brits*Chilla 2.0 and it's a cheap, cheap, cheapie!

After a long day in the greenhouse heat, a lie-down's to be expected. Stripped of all unnecessary layers of clothing, Chu at least looks good at the fainting pillows. That's because she's wearing the very rock n' roll minidress Ali Couture LOVE HURTS BLUES PINK REWARD GIFT. As the name suggests, it's a group gift.

Recovered from the dramatics, we get a closer look at the delicate spring-like skin from Sowelu Skin, .:*Sowelu Skin*:./Whimsical Gifts :D/April 2010. A free gift for April. Sowelo's managed to encompass all the colours I think of when I think about spring into one make-up palette. Kudos!

Something about this beautiful spring dress from Sock Monkey makes me think of soft, early summer nights when you dine outdoors, the wind rustling the ruffles of your skirt and making you glad you have such a well-matching top to keep your shoulders warm. This ruffly, slightly vintage, highly sophisticated number is available in the Sock Monkey MM right now. It's called ::!SM!::Springy Dingy Pinky Dress.

The delicious dark skin is a Subscribo gift from ai skins - TUYEN5 - 10 spring blues dey clea-shav. The hair is another from the aforementioned rooftop sale, Simply Britnee *Brits*Inevitable in Black (only $1).

Finally the pumps are a generous Freebie Fashionista group gift, ..:: Adoring Charms ::.. Bondar Satin Pumps - Pink. Check notices for the attachment. Thank you muchly, Adoring Charms!

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