Monday, April 5, 2010

What is your theory. ?

Quote from her Introductory note card :

"theory. is a project revolving around color theory and symbolism.
Color is everywhere and in everything, even in our senses.
A lick of something rich and luscious triggers an equally stimulating color..
as does the sadness of a broken heart, or anger evoked from rejection.
It is my goal to bring color to (second) life in a fun, lighthearted manner,
in a way we can play with color. It is also my goal to not only express my
personal theory of color, but that of the general public on grid.

Now, I have a question for you...
What is your color ?"

April Releases include [Green] Fresh Spring Rain (can be used with the flower prop or not, all depends on you), [Red] Stop, Awkward Plain Jane 1, 2, 3 and 4. All pictured in order.
The Plain Jane poses are 15L each and the [Green] and [Red] poses are 20L each. The pose accessories are free when you click on the white sign in front of the green poses.

When you stop by theory. there is also an opening gift out for you all and don't be shy to hit the subscribo either !!

You can also find theory. at the Spring Bazaar with some awesomness. (loving the feet position on the Plain Jane newness)

theory green fresh spring rain web

theory red stop web

theory plain jane 1 web

Theory plain jane 2 web

theory plane jane 3 web

theory plain jane 4 web

What I'm wearing ?

Hair : Vanity Hair (1L - previous gift)

Shoes : MB Ballet Flats, spring easter hunt 0L

Necklace : Ticky Tacky Gimme Candy Necklace Starlust Hunt (0 to 10L)

Dress : Schadeufreude Peep Funamble Dress - Starlust Hunt (0 to 10L)

Skin : L. Fauna Lapine Pale 1 Faberge subscribo gift 0L

Easter bunny band Aid : Easter Spring Town hunt 0L

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