Friday, April 2, 2010

Shameless Bits MM and 59/59 deal

Hi everyone, sorry this is not my usual posting, but I'm running out of time today and wanted to tell you about these two great deals for the weekend at Shameless Bits!

From ShamelessTrouble: COME CHECK OUT THE NEW LANDSCAPE SECTION ON THE ROOF!!! It's pretty darn cool if I don't say so myself!! (I moved the MM up there)

::STB:: Cave and Palms - Lite - 350 slaps

To Celebrate the Opening of the New Landscape section, there's an amazing MM item! Beautiful blue skies, sun rays heating up the sand, you and the one you love taking shelter in this romantic cave covered by Palm Trees, but as they gaze into your eyes the cave heats up and your lips meet in a fevorish kiss!

Lite Version:
1 Standing Kiss animations
1 Couples Dance

::STB:: Cave and Palms - $599
Same as above except:
Full Version:
7 Sitting Kiss animations
12 Standing kiss animations
6 Couples Dance animations

$59L/59 Hours - Weekend Sale
::STB:: Rose Swing - $59L

It's one of those wonderful warm spring days. You and the one you love decide to spend it outside to shake the winter chill off of ya. Walking hand in hand through your garden, enjoying the rays of sun hitting your face. You see your rose garden has bloomed around your swing. You grab their hand and lovingly go to the swing. Gently pushing it with your feet as your lips meet theirs in a sweet kiss.

1 Kissing Animation

Don't miss the MM, you have until Sunday to get it...And the 59/59 sale runs Friday noon to Sunday night at 11, all at Shameless Bits.

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