Friday, April 2, 2010

Ear Candy 60L sale 3/4 April

What better way to celebrate spring than with Ear Candy's Apple Blossom Branch accessories? The necklace and earrings have a silver apple branch and leaves, with light yellow apple blossoms attached to the ends. The blossoms are in full bloom with shading to give them depth and make them look more real. The earrings are larger and hand low enough to be seen with your hair down, which you all know by now I love *smiles* and the necklace combines a thin solid chain with a hooped chain for variety. It comes with a cute anklet with three silver loops connected on the outside with a chain and apple blossom hanging from it. You also get the great head band made of tan fabric with deep brown ribbon and a matching large apple blossom a little off to the side. And don't forget the great hand bag! It's made of light tan tweed with dark brown on the two round handles, leaves hanging from loop chains and two large apple blossoms with leaves for adornments. It also has a holding animation so it doesn't look like it's just dangling in mid air.

You can go for a sweet and beautiful spring look with all of the accessories or remove the adorable head band to go for fun and sexy spring look. They will make you feel like Eve in the Garden of Eden, except you will be way better equipped to tempt Adam than she ever was. *giggles and winks* Adam didn't know just how good he had it with only the apple as a temptation...Eve would have had him in two seconds flat if she had these awesome Apple Blossom Branch accessories at her disposal! Be sure to stop by Ear Candy this weekend to pick up this whole set for just 60L!

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