Friday, April 2, 2010

Ela Design Easter gift and more

Hi all you Ela Design lovers, Elara has an Easter gift just waiting for you in the store! Rush on over and find the broken egg on top of the new items wall to get this great choker and bracelet. They are white egg shaped pearls fitted closely together and wrapped multiple times around your neck and wrist. Each end is free to dangle down but one end has a pretty silver star attached to it.

These couldn't have come at a better time for me. I used them to complete the outfit I wore to the club last night. I have no doubt these are a large part of the reason I was not without a drink or a dance partner the whole night. *grins widely* And it's no wonder other people had to touch and play with them, I couldn't stop doing it myself.

Also join the group for free while you are there and on Sunday you will get a special Easter surprise just for members! If you want to know what it is check notices after you join the group for the one posted on April 2nd. You won't want to miss it!

Don't miss her LOW (Letter Of the Week) sale item at 50% off the original price. You may remember that great back corset piercing I blogged a few weeks ago, well she has that for sale for just 90L in black and silver...YUM! It's available until midnight Saturday when the item will change.

Also her 60L items will be out at midnight, keep your eyes peeled for my blog on those. Wow, with all these great free and cheap accessories at Ela Designs her store is going to be

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