Friday, April 2, 2010

Ela Design 60L sale 3/4 Apr

Hypnotize your friends with this great Spiral Choker from Ela Designs. You get 5 black leather bands wrapped snugly around your neck, 4 thin bands with silver beads and spiral pendants hanging, and 1 band that is thicker and flat with silver buckle and spiral adornments attached. The bottom choker is silver metal with different sized spirals attached with loops, and in front you have chains hanging with the two center ones meeting lower down at a larger spiral and another chain hanging from that. If the look of the choker and the spirals doesn't hypnotize everyone around you, well the view where the center chain dangles will. *winks* It's a steal at just 60L.

But wait, as usual Elara doesn't have just one item on sale for you. She also has her two piece Silver Rings and Chains Bracelet pack. Yup, two piece. You get three rings, the one for your ring finger has a tiny heart and 5 hoops, the one for you middle finger is actually three rings with the center one having hoops around it, and one for your index finger with 5 hoops attached. They each have a chain running up the back of your hand and connecting in the center to a figure 8 looped attachment piece that connects the whole thing to a pretty double bracelet. And Elara has also included another bracelet with one hoop on the bottom and two on top attached in the center with delicate silver scroll work and bars with hoops wrapped around them.

Elara is always coming up with something new and exciting for us every week. From rings with chained bracelets, to awesome chokers, to pierced garter stockings, to corset back piercings. I don't think you will find a better store to show your unique style and sexiness than Ela Designs. Head over and pick up these two great additions for just 60L each.

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