Friday, April 16, 2010

Ear Candy 60L sale 17/18 Apr

This weekend from Ear Candy you can get this hip and cool Lime, Flower, and Button set for just 60L. The color combination in this set allows you to mix and match so many different colors, you'll have a blast coming up with all kinds of outfits. You get the super fun and cute lime green, platform heels that have a black cloth with a fun and flirty flower design "buttoned" onto the heels. The colorful flowers really stand out against the black cloth, drawing the eye and showing your unique style. The set comes with these great flower earrings that are lots of fun to wear. The flowers are blue, green, and orange, with small checker patterns and darker blue buttons in the center, and they dangle from your ears on cute little stems.

You also get two great bangles with this set. One set comes with smooth bangles in three sizes, the colors and patterns matching the checked patterns of the flowers on the earrings. And the other set looks like you have green vines wrapped around your wrist multiple times, with matching flowers from the earrings attached around the bands and little stems curling between them. You get the shoes, the earrings, and both sets of bangles for just 60L. So be sure to pick up this great accessories set from Ear Candy to show your colorful, fun, flirty style and brighten up everyone's day!

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