Friday, April 9, 2010

Snowpaw Fashion 60L sale / 10 - 11 April

PHaT dress from Snowpaw Fashion.  Awww, don't tell me you've never heard that before?  Pretty, Hot, and Tempting...PHaT!!  *grins*  And this Anna Cocktail  Dress is certainly all three of those things.  You have a tight black bodice, the color so deep it's almost velvet looking, with multi colored ruffles running along the top, sculpted to the shape of your breasts and continuing all the way around your back, also wrapped around your forearms for cute little puffy sleeves.  The skirt is also multi colored, poofy, and sheer...twined over itself to fill in where necessary and give you a great swirly look.  Just look at those rich rainbow colors...purple, green, yellow, red.   

I donned this hot little number for a birthday party a friend was having at a club the other night.  This dress is just so sexy and festive, it was the perfect choice.  Only trouble was that I kept getting hit on in the subway on the way there!  I finally backed myself into a corner and tried to look like I didn't speak English.  Of course we all know how sexy and aggressive some men can be, no matter what we say.  So I ended up at the party with a very hot Latino to hang onto.  We did the Salsa, the Rumba, the Cha Cha, the Samba, the Merengue, and even had the whole place watching while we did the Tango.  Whew, was that steamy! 

So take a step from my dance and rush over to Snowpaw Fashion and pick up this PHaT dress for just 60L.  Who knows?  You may just be doing your own Tango tonight.  *winks*

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