Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cat's bag of goodies

Mayla sent out a notice today for some hair.

Hair ?
Did someone say hair ?

There are four free styles and one for 1L. Join the group inworld and tp to Hair Only and pick up your gifts. I love having all those hair shops all in one place !! (Group join board is right by the gifts)

The hair is paired up with gifts from Garage (group join required 0L) There are 8 in total for 0L each. Some are not shown... leaving you with some surprises :)

Garage and hair only 5

Garage and hair only 4

Garage and Hair only 3

Garage and hair only 2

Garage and Hair only 1

Next we have skin from a Birthday Hunt at the House of Ruin. There are 18 feathers scattered all over the sim at 0L (I found some at 1L but I don't think they were from the House of Ruin) In any case, I found all 18 feathers, some are more difficult to find than others. There are 7 colors of an exclusive skin that will not be sold... !!!! This skin is just one of the shades you'll find.

The outfit is a lucky chair win from Dare Designs.
Hair : 3636 gift (0 or 1L)

house of Ruin  Dare designs  3636 1

house of ruin dare designs 3636 2


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