Friday, April 30, 2010

Snowpaw Fashions, 1/2 May 60L sale

Are you ready to make all the girls jealous and have all the men eating out of the palm of your hand? Well then you better head over to Snowpaw Fashion this weekend for this awesome 60L deal. Carrie is offering a wonderful creation, her dress called Organza Cloud in opal blue. Not only does it have the soft and translucent effect of clouds, but it makes you feel like you are on cloud 9 when you wear it. It's a transparent tube style dress with straps that go from between your cleavage, over your shoulders, to the center of your back. The bodice of the dress is pretty sheer with a light plaid pattern. It has ruffles that go around the top of your cleavage all the way around your back for a bit of modesty, also longer ruffles around your lower hips. The ruffles and the sheer overlay around your waist provide a bit of whimsy along with the perfect cover so you aren't totally exposed. Let me tell you, this is certainly the dress to make anyone you want sweat and pant wanting to be with you...I'm not kidding.

The only way for you to understand the full affects of this dress is to wear it for that special someone. You will have him all tongue tied and drooling too! Or you can be daring like me and wear it to the club. Just make sure you are ready for all of the attention. Lord let me tell you, I had so many men crowded around me I thought I was going to have to find an oxygen bar just to be able to breathe! But then I think some of the men could have used the oxygen more than me, so much

See what I mean? *grins* This dress really should come with a warning "Designer not responsible for causing heart attacks in those who look at you while wearing this creation." *laughs wickedly* Don't miss this awesome 60L deal at Snowpaw Fashion's this weekend.

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