Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lemme show you some skin ;)

So, here we go... a skin bonanza of sorts.

First off, skins from Eret!ka... All these are lucky board skins. (group tag required) 0L join. (thanks Xanthe for the tip) You will also find a lady Gaga skin for 1L close to the lucky boards.

skin 1

skin 3

skin 2

Next up, My UglyDorothy skin. (group tag required, join fee 0L) I was only lucky enough to pick up one skin from the 6 lucky boards she has out. Pouts.... pouts big time !!


Moving on to Miss Murder skins.. all 0L. I'm only showing two, but there is so much to choose from !


skin 6

Home of Sanu has an interesting skin in her subscribo (check notices). This skin was a thank you for the flikr challenge she had going. I also picked up a cute little skybox (1L)and some balet flats (lucky cupcake) while I was there. Couldn't resist.

skin 7

Lastly, Mother Goose. These are mostly lucky board wins, with the exception of the first two at 1L. Her skins are cute.. I can do cute sometimes :)

skin 11

skin 10

skin 9

skin 8

And there ya go !
The Lovely brow hair was a subscribo gift sent out today by Amacci.

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