Saturday, April 10, 2010

Look what the Cat dragged in..... ;-)

The following pose prop is just amazingly creative !!! Called "la mer", glowing chairs float in the air. What is even more amazing is that this is a group gift from "Foolish Dreams". While I was looking around that part of Starlust I also picked up a few gifts and dollarbies lying around... not hard to find at all really :)

Dress is a subscribo gift from Hyper Culture.

la mer 1

la mer 2

The following is a mix and match of stuff.
Jeans and skin : Somapop (this also comes with other shirts, not shown)(0 or 1L)
Hair : Hunt gift CAHH from Eclectism (0L)
Glasses and shirt : Awesome Blossom (0 or 1L)


somapop 2

Chair :Second Spaces - Laryn Comfy Chair (0 or 1L) animated with 3 poses
Hair : Darkerside 1L

second spaces Furniture


Cat's gone to play a bit.... ;-)

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