Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Corsets and lingerie, Oh my !!!

What better to feel a little sexy then some lingerie ??

First off Pink Posh, formerly SkinSane. She has made a collection of quality corsets and has even put out a lucky chair with the Burlesque Corset in Nature, Black, Pink and Teal. It's only a 5 min wait between letters... Here is the black and pink. This corset sells for over 300L, thank you Pink Posh !!

lingerie 3

The pose box is a new release from Vivaposes. It's similar to the Glitterbox, but with an Urban feel. I was at the store today and she has a lucky board out with 100L gift cards and a limited edition new color on the Pipe prop. Get that while you can, I'm not sure it will be there for long !!

lingerie 2

Next is a new special skin release from Oceane's Boutique in honor of the Dutch Queensday on the 30th of April. This royal skin has shimmering orange lips and Oceane has given her a special crown wax :) This skin will only be available for about a week, so scoop her up quick !!

lingerie 5

For this royal skin, you have to have some diamonds and pearls. Vivaposes has the perfect prop. Not free, but just over 100L.. and as previously mentioned...you can win gift cards on the lucky board.

The lingerie is from Chanimations, and was an old group gift. (adult sim)

lingerie 4

This last number is from &Bean. When I picked this up, they were having a sale in a skybox above the store. Discounts can be found on clothing and skin. In this image the skin was 25L and the lingerie was 99L. I love the caged skirt, absolutly love it !!

lingerie 1


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