Sunday, April 25, 2010

Get your Steampunk on !!

If you have never heard of Rag Dollz, well.. you are seriously missing out. They have an wide range of items from Steampunk, Goth, Lolita and much, much more.

The first item is a gift for reaching 3000 members in the Rag Dollz group. It won't be up long (one week), so join the group inworld and tp to the store to pick up this beautiful period gown. There is also a male gift as well in the same box :)

Rag Dollz 1

This next gown is an MM board win (group only), they also have a non-group member MM board. I'm so glad I won this because I didn't have a parasol in my wardrobe yet.. and this gown is divine. (I'm very partial to black)

Rag Dollz 2

rag dollz 3

Rag Dollz has MM boards, lucky Chairs, Random Money boards and always has someting on their sale board !! So visit and visit often. Oh, and they have freebies here and there for you as well :)

Congrats on the 3000 Members !!

Skin : Tuli group gift (250L join fee)
Hair : KHM lucky board (old gift)

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