Friday, April 30, 2010

Ear Candy, 1/2 May 60L sale

Maeve from Ear Candy is a woman after my own heart! She has this beautiful Paris Nights jewelry set in the 60L sale this weekend. I would swear she heard somehow that I wanted to go to Paris for my Rez Day this month...LOL But just look how classy and beautiful this set is. You get the gold cluster earrings with good size smoky diamond jewels dangling to catch the eye, a necklace that has four gold clusters with three smoky jewels caressing your skin, and two matching gold bangle sets. One of the bangles is made for your left wrist and is wrapped gold with gold clusters all around for decoration. The other bangle set comes with two wider gold bangles, one having the gold clusters, and lots of smaller bangles to spread up and down your wrist. This set is so gorgeous and classy you'll want to wear it all the time.

This set is perfect for that Black Tie event you've been dying to go to, or a romantic dinner your lover has been promising you forever. And can't you just see the flash and sparkle it will make as you strut your stuff down the run way at your next show? Not a model? No worries, it's perfect for a Sunday tea, or that ladies luncheon you have to go to next week. Imagine all the envious stares you will get when wearing this. *sighs* The set I'm wearing has different colored stones than the one in the sale, but I just had to show off my Rez Day present. *grins widely* Thanks so much Maeve, you're awesome!

Don't miss this wonderful deal at Ear Candy this weekend, you'll be crying if you do!

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