Friday, April 16, 2010

Ela Design 60L sale 17/18 Apr

More piercing goodness from Ela Designs this weekend for 60L! First up we have an earrings and facial piercings set. The earrings are silver with two large hoops, one hoop a bit smaller than the other and set in the center, the larger hoop also has thin wire wrapped around it at the top and bottom. Dangling from the hook that goes in your ear are silver beads, and dangling from the hoops are five thin chains placed in a row that hang past the hoops and sway as you move. For the facial piercings you have two diamond studs in the center below your chin, two in the center below your nose, one in each corner of your eyes, and a row of four studs above each eyebrow. They are mod, so if the stud placement isn't perfect for your avi, you can fix that easily. It can be hard to balance facial piercings so they don't look over whelming and gaudy, but Elara did a great job with these.

Now let me tell you about the great leg piercing also for just 60L. You have two piercing points on the front of your thigh and one in the back, each with hoops and a bead through the holes. Attached to the hoops is a chain made of alternating oblong, diamond cut beads and a thicker cut chain that runs completely around your leg. You also have the same alternating chain hanging from the hoops down your leg in the front, with a thinner, longer cut chain on each one. On the back hoop you have two longer alternating chains and three thinner chains in different lengths. It also has a resize menu so you can get the perfect fit. The chains are very pretty when they move, I can just imagine them rubbing against the front and back of my thighs lightly. *shivers slightly*

I'm telling you, if you want something different and/or daring, don't miss Ela Designs this weekend. And be sure to look around for more of Elara's awesome and unique pieces.

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